Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Cards 2012

Merry Christmas ALL! I started making my cards as always on Halloween night, after getting 20 or so made, I started a Christmas card list, and was getting ready to address the envelopes in December, then illness happened in this house.  I has not been pretty here, so the beautiful box of cards have sat on my desk, it is now December 26th, and I just got these photos up. I hope that you enjoy, maybe I will get them mailed out late.  Everyone who will be getting one, knows that we have all had some sort of illness.  From Stomach flu to Tonsilitis... Not fun !


Monday, June 4, 2012

A Return....

Hi All, so I have been away, now with work, and family, trying to find time to blog has been met with great challenges, BUT, have no fear, I am setting a new goal, and setting time at night for one hour to either craft and blog, or blog about what I crafted.  Seems there is just never enough time in the day...

I have also returned to chatting, and you know, if you arent a chatter its something to try, if you have chatted before, you know how it goes, you chat for a long while, then leave.  I left in 2007, and made my return two months ago and have found a new home.  On IRC Undernet. #Rocker's_Dive. They have live DJ's most days, and stream music almost around the clock.  You can also find them on Facebook and here

Sunday, September 18, 2011

All Sorted.... yay

I am soooo very excited to post a photo like this, it means that my little craft office is finally coming a long. These are my little boxes, I have everything from floss, fibers, buttons, brads, eyelets of various shape and color.  To one whole box devoted to all my Christmas Charms that I use for cards and various projects. I hope to get a few more one for each season, and then ultimately a few more for larger holidays.  But for now, its is totally do able.  Love IT!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Almost Moved In...

Sigh of Relief... We are moved into our new place, and the craft room is coming along... I can't wait to start creating again, and just get normalcy back... I use to create layouts, cards, projects all the time, but in our temporary living situation, I didnt have much space, my craft stuff, what little I brought, was in our bedroom, tucked in boxes, I had in total 45 boxes of scrapbook/crafting supplies. Carefully I have been planning, where to put stuff, is it in sight, in reach. I think I am ready to start crafting, and this time I'm going to do it a bit different.. I think I'll be taking pictures as I go, where as before, I'd post once in a while, and I'd really try to get out there and try more of teaching/sharing ideas. We just got back from a mini vacation to the coast, so I have about 100 photos that I need to scrapbook, or put into Project Life. Im also making a scrapbook album for my Mom of our trip, its going to be her Christmas gift, but I want to get it done ASAP, as, when the holidays hit, I will be really busy, on Halloween, I'll be making my Christmas cards, I've been working on a design, Im just hoping time allows me to get to the store sometime to get Bo Bunny's Blitzen pack... I don't know if I've offered this up, but if you have questions, ask away, comments, love to hear them.